Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

LGBT Month and Black Music Month - What Should You Do?

Most people within the LGBT community are aware that June is Gay Pride month.  Many people are unaware of this but June is also Black music month.  Do these celebrations have to be done exclusive of each other?  No, I don't think so.  This is the perfect opportunity for us to focus on the interesting intersections where these two different paths collide.
There are two documentaries that immediately come to mind that allow one to enjoy African-American music and simulatenously vast in the same-gender loving experience.  Pick Up the Mic and U People are two wonderful films that I encourage everyone to check out.


Pick Up the Mic is fantastic. It is a film that explores the world of gay hip-hop. Yes I said it. GAY. HIP HOP. Two words that many assume should never go together. What I find so spectacular about the film is its ability to touch on so many issues that are universal to the LGBT experience. This film touches on trans issues, LGBT youth suicide, and social stigma. But the primary reason you should watch this film is for the amazing music these individuals are creating.

U People

What can I say - this film was simply unbelievable. A group of black same-gender loving women came together at a brownstone in Brooklyn to shoot a music video. What came of this was a documentary that everyone should see. This documentary is the result of magical moment that just so happened to be captured on film. These beautiful, creative, successful women came together to shoot a video for Hanifah Walidah and some brilliant person decided to capture the entire experience on film. The result is an interesting kalieascope of characters and stories and relationships that is a must see.

To all - Happy Pride Month and Happy Black Music month. Please take the time to pick up a copy of either or both of these films. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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