Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Big Freedia - The Queen of Bounce

I'm still celebrating Pride Month and Black Music Month.  I love being black and gay.  And love celebrating everything that emcompasses both, celebrates both, and elevates both.  If you are a fan of bounce music then you need to know about the "sissy" artists that are taking this genre to the next level.  Bounce music a.k.a. Booty Music is a product of th Dirty South.  It originated in New Orleans and some of the biggest names in Hip Hop made it to the top with Bounce Music.

Meet Big Freedia . . .

Big Freedia and other sissy artists like Sissy Noby and Katey Red are claiming their spot in the world of Bounce Music. Having grown up in the South myself I know how deeply rooted this music is. It's wonderful to now see LGBT artists picking up the mic and putting their own unique twist on this phenomenon. There's something wonderful happening in New Orleans and nobody down there cares that these artists are gay. Their music is great and people are just enjoying what they're hearing and not spending any time focused on the sexual orientation of the artist.

I swear I can't hear this music without bobbing my head and shaking my ass.  And that's a good thing.  Unfortunately we still have a whole lotta people hating on Bounce music.  It's often referred to as Ghetto and I gonna assume that supposed to be a bad thing (cause there are some great things that come out of the ghetto).  If you look at the videos you will find lots of girls scantily dressed and dancing prevocatively but seriously isn't that something that we condemn on each new generation.  I will continue to support Bounce music.  Now that I've discovered Big Freedia and other same gender loving artists within this genre of music I will love it even more.

Check out more Big Freedia here . . .

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