Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Usher Attacked by Drag Quuens

Okay, so that may not be Usher, but you have to admit there is a passing resemblance to the R&B superstar. Celebrity status aside, this is still a remarkable story. Apparently several drag queens rushed into McDonalds and attacked the employees. Not to be outdone by a bunch of men in dresses, the Mickey Dee's employees decided they ain't going down like that. They decided to fight back like the ride or die kinda posse you've come expect from friends of Ronald McDonald. Blows were exchanged, mugs were drug, and one of the drag monsters was doused with a batch of french fry grease.

Now I'm am not one to condone violence. I'm a peace and love mellow kinda fellow. But I must say, this story is quite amusing to me. Child, I would have paid good money to be ring side for this Thrilla by Dragzilla, for this Hiccup at the Pick-up, for this Rabble Rouse at Ronald's House.

I'm sure there was something said (or done) that excited this type of reaction from the queens in question. My spider-sense is telling me the McDonalds employees in this clip are not the victims they are pretending to be. People don't just respond in this manner without some type of catalyst. But it's still true that two wrongs don't make a right. But if you're gonna do wrong, make sure you have the manpower to back up whatevah it is you're gonna do. And it looks like these drag queens had the power they needed. I love it when queers bash back.

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