Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Damn Those Text Messages

First they got Chris Brown in trouble and now this. Ekeythia Dunston, a cop with the NYPD has been accused of shooting her girlfriend during a fight that happened because of a text message. Dunston (pictured on the right in the photo) claims she was acting in self defense from her partner that had attacked her with an iron. Her girlfriend attacked her with the iron after she read a text message that was "inappropriate." Dunston was viciously struck several times in the head with the iron and she managed to grab her police issued revolver and fire two shots at her five-year girlfriend Erica Leagall. Leagall was shot in the thigh and in the shoulder.

Both individuals were taken to the hospital. Dunston has been charged with assault and prosecutors are saying that Legall, who remains in stable condition in the hospital, will also be charged. Whats crazy is that these two have two kids together and the children were home when the fight occurred. A friend that was also at their home when everything happened has stated that Dunston did indeed fire to defend herself. Officer Dunston has been released from the hospital and has returned home.

Damn! Damn! Damn! I just don't get it. Is it because I don't text that often that I don't understand this? Is it because I don't pry through my partners texts or emails trying to find something "inappropriate" that I don't understand this? I know that love is the most powerful emotion we are capable of and it can cause us to do some crazy things. But if you ever get to point where you want to bash your lovers head open with an iron then you're at the point where you need to walk away from that relationship. Walk away for your own safety and sanity. Walk away to protect yourself. That's all I'm saying.

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