Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, January 28, 2010

God Ain't Judging

I luv me some Mo'Nique. She has long been an advocate for HIV/AIDs in the African-American community. I remember seeing her on the cover of POZ magazine while I was working for Arizona's Body Positive. Now she is one of the biggest black celebrities speaking out on behalf of ending prejudice and hatred against gays and lesbians.

Congratulations to her on winning the Golden Globe for her role in Precious. Precious was the project of Lee Daniels, an openly gay black director, whose other titles include Monster's Ball (Halle Berry), the Woodsman (Kevin Beacon) and Shadowboxer (Cuba Gooding, Jr.). What I loved most about Precious was the subliminal message it gave about gays and lesbians because in the movie it took a lesbian to save the lead character Precious.

I was so elated and excited as I read on Rod2.0 about what happened on Mo'Nique's show when she invited Miki Howard to discuss her new book and new album. Even in Mo's opening monologue for that show she makes the comment, "Sistahs, if you're laying next to your man, or if you're laying next to your woman cause this is a no judgement zone, I want to you to turn over and kiss them in a way so their whole body tingles." WOW. You go girl.

But when Miki finally takes the stage the show takes a delicious and exciting turn as the conversation turns to homosexuality and the church. Howard used to attend the church of James Cleveland in LA (and many people knew that James was gay). Miki talked about how there were many gay men in her church as she was growing up and she learned a lot from those men, she jokingly adds including how to walk. But in Miki's world there was never anything wrong with being gay. She didn't realize that other people took offense to the LGBT community.

I love the conversaion between these two women about the fabulousness of the LGBT community. The video below is the entire show and Miki's segment doesn't happen until about 27 minutes into the show. Please get into it.

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