Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Get Some Nuts!

Are we getting too sensitive as a community? Have we gotten to the point where anytime someone addresses an issue of manliness we see it as homophobic? I personally think we've reached that place. I loved Will Smith's movie Hancock where he plays the superhero with alcohol dependency problems. I rushed to the theathers to see it when it came out and must say I really enjoyed it. Imagine my surprise when the following day I see the Human Rights Campaign complaining about the movie because of its homophobic content. Apparently there was one line from the movie that they took offense to (and it was a line I found to be particularly funny).

And now here we go again. I just recently found out that the Snickers commercial above was never allowed to run because people perceived it as homophobic. I must say that I found this ad extremely funny as well. I was laughing my ass off at Mr. T's comment at the end. "Snickers, get some nuts." I don't care what you say that there is hilarious.

My question to the LGBT community, "Isn't it time that we get some nuts?" Can we "man-up" and not allow comments like the one in the commercial get to us. Or is the HRC correct in calling this homophobic? You tell me.

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