Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Black Party 2009

Okay. So this post (and the next few) may be a bit dated but trust me when I say, I've have been waaay busy. October was one of the craziest months I've ever seen in my life. And it appears November won't have any mercy either. I've had several things lined up each weekend for the past month and half. When you have a husband, have two jobs, facilitate a weekly mens group, and chair a very active AIDS organization, when you add more things to your weekend you really do run out of time to do stuff - like blog.

One of the items that happened in October was the Black Party. The Men of Libra hold the black party each year and I swear it gets bigger and bigger everytime. It has evolved into a weekend long event and I tried to attend as many of the events as I could.

The Meet & Greet Friday night did me in. I'm embarassed to say this, I got so wasted Friday night that I was barely able to make it in to work on Saturday. And though I made it in I didn't make it through the day (I actually had to leave early because my hangover was so intense).

What I missed while at work on Saturday was the pool party. I heard there was much hottness in the house and I heard there was a hot body contest. Saturday night was the biggest event of the weekend - The Black Party. The DJ was serving. The drinks were flowing. The special entertainment (Nikki Jane) was hot. The whole night was festive.

Finally the weekend came to a close with a Bar-B-Que at Indian School Steele Park. Hanging out in the park is always the highlight of the weekend for me. I ran into several friends I hadn't seen in years and made quite a few new acquantances. Once again the Men of Libra gave the black LGBT community one of the biggest events held specifically for us in Phoenix and theydelivered it with a bang.

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