Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Noah's Arc: The 'Rona Chronicles - A Review

It’s been three days since the new episode of my all-time favorite show, Noah’s Arc, aired a new episode  and I have watched it as many times.  I must say this episode, entitled “The ‘Rona Chronicles” was everything I was hoping for and more.  Series creator Patrik-Ian Polk stated that with this being the 15 year anniversary of the show, plus frequent requests to bring the show back, add to that a world dealing with a pandemic and needing something as a distraction all contributed to this re-appearance of the show all these years later.

Polk stated in an interview with Darian Aaron that technically he no longer owns the rights to “Noah’s Arc” but Logo was very generous in giving their blessing in allowing him to  bring the characters back for this episode that would be aired on his YouTube Channel.

I was a HUGE fan of this show and I was wondering if the magic I felt when watching the show so long ago would still be there and indeed it was.  When I tell you Noah, Alex, Ricky and Chance today are as inspirational and crazy sexy cool today as they were when they first came on the screen all those years ago.  Wade still phine as hell.  Alex still had me laughing my ass off. Ricky still a hoe.  And I’ll be damn if Trey ain’t got even sexier through these years.

The entire cast came back for this episode.  Darryl Stephens (Noah) has been in numerous roles since the show ended.  Doug Spearman (Chance) is doing a phenomenal job behind the camera nowadays.  Christian Vincent (Ricky) is a phenomenal dancer.  But to see these guys reunited in the roles that I originally love them for just brought me joy. Plus, there were some faces that are loved by the black gay community that were fantastic cameos for this ground-breaking show.  Wanda Sykes playing Noah’s mom was a great addition to the cast.  And better than that was Titus Burgess in the role as Alex’s brother.  And that sincere, emotional scene between these siblings almost had me in tears.  As Titus’s character tell’s Alex, “you being you gave me permission to be myself!”  I felt that.

On a Sunday evening when we are all still dealing with a pandemic, still facing civil rest for police brutality, and still having to deal with the craziness and stupidity of unrelenting “Karen’s” -  Noah’s Arc was exactly what I needed in my life.  And the episode was terrific.  Now forgive me as I leave to go watch it again.

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