Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Congratulations Mayor Joyce Craig

I would like to extend a big happy and hearty congratulations to Manchester mayor Joyce Craig on her victory Tuesday night.  Mayor Craig will remain as the mayor of the Queen City.  And I for one am here for it.  I feel like you have to support those people that support you.  And I honestly do not know a great deal about this mayor, I do know these things . . . 

Mayor Joyce Craig is the first mayor in the history of this city to fly the LGBT Pride flag over city hall.  When asked by her constituents if she would honor Pride month by flying the flag, she did not hesitate.  And she invited the community out to witness the raising of the flag and to celebrate the significance of the day.  That I know because I was there to witness the raising of the flag.  

I know that when I attended the Manchester Transgender Rally and Picnic, she was there.  And she got on the microphone announced publicly that she was a supporter of our community and offered to help and serve in any way that she could.  I did not expect to see her there.  But she was there.

I know that the "We Are One Festival" (the Afro-Carribean festival held in Manchester) is the only festival that I am aware of that celebrates people of color in this city.  It is a day of food and fun.  It is a day of culture.  It is a day of fellowship.  And it is the only time in Manchester where I am surrounded by a sea of other black faces.  And I know that on the morning of the last "We Are One" event that I attended (a morning filled with clouds and rain), the mayor was there to welcome those in attendance and help kick-off the event.  

Joyce Craig.  Thank you for showing up and supporting the LGBT community in Manchester.  Thank you for supporting the people of color in Manchester.  Thank you for supporting immigrant and refugees. I think this is a mayor that recognizes the value in the diversity of our great city.  And for that I appreciate her.  And I am glad to see her in the office again!

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