Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

She Said What She Meant and Meant What She Said

Wow!  Janet Hubert does not hold back. People are now calling her crazy and bitter.  Some are saying she has mental issues.  Many people are saying she just needs to get over it [referring to her hatred towards Will Smith]. As I started watching the video I just couldn't stop watching it.  And I figured I would just share my two cents.

As I watched the video I started thinking to myself - wow maybe these people who are calling her angry and bitter are on to something.  But perhaps she has a right to feel this way.  She was starring in one the biggest shows on television when her career came to an abrupt end.  Will Smith says she was fired and claims she was very difficult to work with.  Alfonso Ribeiro collaborated his accusation that the termination was not voluntary.  Hubert has been very adamant that she was not fired and says Will is spreading lies about her.  But since her role on the Fresh Prince ended, Hubert has been unsuccessful in her attempts to return to the big screen and the small screen.

The first time I watched the video I was unaware that her son recently attempted suicide.  I won't even pretend to know what it feels like for a mom that have to deal with something like this.  In the video she shares how she has struggled to find work, spent time penniless and homeless, and suffered trying to provide some security for her family with these lack of resources.  She mentions how her son has suffered as a result of Will's lies. 

Knowing the fate of her son and hearing about the financial consequences of "being fired", can I blame her for feeling the way she does.  They say "time heals all things" and maybe one day Hubert (the better Aunt Viv) will forgive and forget. People keep saying, "it's been over twenty years." But who can put a timeline on resentment when people have wronged you.  I still get in my feelings when I think about some of the things people did to me when  I was young.

That being said, I also can't be mad at Will Smith.  He was a kid when this feud between him and Hubert began.  He is not the same person he was when this all began.  Hopefully, if he did do something wrong, he has learned from it. And if he did do something wrong, he should probably apologize for it.  But I'm not the same person I was five years ago, so who knows how much of an evolution he's been through over the course of two decades. 

It's an unfortunate situation.  I love Janet Hubert as an actress.  I wish to see her and her Black Girl Magic back on TV again.  I love Will Smith. He's handsome, intelligent, insightful and successful. I wish these two could bury the hatchet but I don't think that's going to happen.  I will continue to be a fan of them both. 

If you have a few minutes, please check out her video.  This is the voice of a woman scorned and I think she's hurting because her family is hurting.  I'm praying for her and her family and I wish her well in her career.

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Chameleon's Eye said...

She blocked my video. Soo salty and now she is truly Cancelled fo sho smh.