Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Kim Burrell and the "Homosexual Spirit!"

WOW!!! Gospel artist, pastor, and anointed(?) Kim Burrell is now under fire for the video of her homophobic rant that has now gone viral.  In the video Burrell states "any body in this room who is filled with the perverted homosexual spirit, beg God to free you.  You play with it in 2017 and you'll die from it."  That's right, we are a "perversion" and our perversion is going to kill us in the upcoming year.  She then rants for a couple of more minutes about this homosexual spirit and the damage it is doing to people and to the church.

If you have not seen the video yet, you can see it here . . . 

Following the viral release of this video, and the tremendous amount of backlash and criticism she has received as a result, she how now released another video claiming people have misinterpreted what she said and people are making things up.  It's not an apology video, it just another rant where she is angry about the attention she's garnered as a result of this video and she doesn't seem to understand why people are mad with her.

Well, if you took the time to watch the video above then you know very well the intent of her words. There is now way to misinterpret what she said.

Honey, you showed us who you were.  And now that you're in trouble for it, you're trying to paint a different picture from the one we witnessed.  But thanks to video and the power of social media, it's now more difficult to deny these types of things.  You stated "That perverted homosexual spirit is a spirit of confusion and delusion and it has deceived many men and women."  Let's be very clear, I am not confused not deluded about my attraction to another man.  It's innate and a part of my very being and truly see it as a gift from God.  And who are you to label my love a sin and try to deny the gay community the ability to love the Lord.  There is so much hatred in her sermon that is hard to believe the serves a man that was all about LOVE.  But let's be real, she is not the first to label us this way and she will not be the last.  We must continue to fight her demon of hate, continue to lift up our brothers and sisters who have been victims of this type of spiritual abuse, and press forth with a message of love.

She does a response video not because she regrets her words.  What she does is attempt to change her message and say that people did not understand correctly.  She was simply misinterpreted. Many messages she received contained this message, "I will never buy another CD of yours."  So now she must try to make amends because this rant of hers will probably affect her purse.

Well, sweetie, we heard you loud and clear.  And we see you now for who you are.

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