Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, December 7, 2015

The Arizona Black Theater Troupe presents Black Nativity!

Do yourself a favor, please go and check out the current running Black Nativity, being presented by Arizona Black Theater Troupe.  The entire show was terrific but there were definitely some stand out performances for me.

No doubt, the best song of the evening was the closing number.  Tyra Young's "His Blood Still Works" will make you forget you're in the theater and make you think you're back in the church. I swear it was so good I wanted to throw my shoe at her.  

The show took some liberties in the second set.  Following intermission, Roosevelt Watts II incorporated some of his spoken word into the production.  Let me tell you, I've seen Black Nativity numerous times.  But when he spoke I turned to my neighbor and said, "He wrote those words."  I could tell from his delivery that he gave birth to  that narrative.  Poignant and powerful, the words he shared turned Black Nativity into a story you will feel like you're watching for the very first time.

Ebony Green, you're version of "Oh Holy Night" had me in tears.  I loved every syllable.  I've got four words for you.  INTONATION.  PHONATION.  ACCURACY.  And PITCH (sorry I had a flashback to watching Lean on Me over the weekend).  Everything about that song was perfect.  I've seen Ebony perform several times and this was the first time I got to hear her falsetto.  And it was faboulous.  The control in her voice is amazing.

If I have any criticism of this show, it may be that I didn't get enough of George Johnson.  GEORGE, where did you come from?!?  Following the show, several of my friends kept comparing him to Luther Vandross.  Don't get it twisted, he is prominently featured in this production.  But his vocal strength just leaves you wanting more.  

And finally, to Miss Nancy Taylor.  I simply love your voice.  You have an elegance about you when you stand center stage.  Every thing you did was awesome.  But - your "Go Tell It On the Mountain" was simply divine.  

Trust me, if you're not in the holiday spirit yet, BTT's Black Nativity will get you there.  Do yourself a favor, and go out and support this production.  It only runs until December 20.  If you would like to learn more about Arizona Black Theater Troupe, or if you are already ready to purchase your tickets, please visit there website.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed.  You can find them online at http://new-wp.blacktheatretroupe.org

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