Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, August 13, 2012

Uganda's Got Pride!

The country of Uganda has finally witnessed its very first gay celebration. On August 6, over 100 members of the LGBT community gathered in the city of Entebbe to show off its pride. You have to be aware of the extreme anti-gay environment of this country to appreciate how heroic of an act this was.  The Uganda Pride Parade happened at a time when the country is still pending litigation that could make "aggravated homosexualty" punishible by death.  Aggravated homosexuality is defined as homosexual acts that happen on several occasions.

Homosexuality is already a crime in Uganda punishible by prison.  Also, if a person is aware of homosexual behaviour and does not report it to the police, that person is also breaking the law.  The homophobic climate of this country and it's legislation is deplorable.  But inspite of the dangers faced by the LGBT community, these individuals decided they would host a gay pride parade to show that there is indeed an LGBT community that will not be forced into the closet.

According to The Advocate the Uganda Pride celebration was complete with a beach parade by Lake Victoria, several parties and a film festival.  Though many would view these accomplishmennts as a win for the LGBT community, it must be mentioned that the day would not go without its problems.  The police this show up following the parade.  Three participants were arrested and a photographer was detained.  But inspite of these hiccups, the Uganda gay community has vowed to not be deterred by this hiccup.  LGBT activist Frank Mugisha stated, “We did not have a chance to thank the pride organizers, the entire committee and the grand marshal. Thumbs up to you all who made this happen. Next time we begin the march from the police station.”

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Christopher Cassano said...

They deserve it. I mean, as long as it'll make them happy and free then they must follow what will make them to become one. Also it's on their own decision whether who they want to be with, and whatever is their gender they deserve to be loved back as well.