Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, February 13, 2012

Makes Me Wanna Holla . . .

When I first saw the video above I honestly did not know how to respond. My emotions ranged from anger to saddness to revenge to anger again. Three thugs decide to ambush a guy and throw him to the ground and ravagely abuse him. Please watch the video and you'll see that he did not see this coming and the attack happened so quickly he did not know how to (or have time to) defend himself. They're quick to call the victim a faggot but to me it appears that they are the punks.

Well I am happy to report that one of the men involved in this attack is currently behind bars and the other two will be their very soon.   The attack on Brandon White was vicious and cruel and these men will pay for this.  Christopher Cain is currently in police custody and one other attacker has been identified.  It has reported that the police are very close to identifying the third attacker.

How the hell does something like this happen.  The fact that these men video taped and posted this video is a sign to me that they are proud of what they did.  I'm sure when they get to court they'll come out with the "I'm sorry", "I'm remorseful", "We didn't know what we were doing" defenses. But these men need to do a lot of time in prison.  I hope their time there starts soon.

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