Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Friday, April 29, 2011

Lesbian Couple Wants Dream Wedding

So I just  read this terrific article over at The Advocate.  Theresa Thacker and Heather Thomason are competing in the Crate and Barrel Ultimate Dream Wedding contest.  I was just too excited to learn about this African-American same-gender loving couple being out and proud and putting themselves out there like this.  The two currently reside in Douglasville, Georgia and get this - combined they are the parents of fourteen (14) kids. 

The reason they decided to enter the competition was simple.  They love each other very much and would like to get married in April 2012, the second year anniversary from the date that they met.  However, the job of being parents to 14 can be very expensive and they do not have the money to have their dream wedding.

The two met online and Theresa (the mom of nine adoptive kids) just knew Heather would runaway screaming when she learned about the number of kids she had.  On the contrary Heather would prove to be more supportive that Theresa ever expected.  According to Theresa, “Heather takes care of me and ensures I don't lose sight of the fact that I am more than a mom of nine kids.”

Please cast your vote for the two of them to have their dream wedding here.

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