Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Fitness Journal

Over a week ago my significant other signed us up for a gym membership at Lifetime Fitness. I finally made it in to talk with the membership advisor Friday night. Chris didn't exaggerate - this gym really is amazing. This place is like the cadillac of gyms. Jason - my membership advisor signed me up for a health assessment today.

At 11:00 AM I walked into Lifetime Fitness ready to find out where I currently stand and what I need to do to accomplish my goals. As I drove over I had to ask myself, do I really need a professional to tell me how fat I am? But I proceeded anyway. There was some good news and some bad news. Turns out I weigh about twenty pounds less than I thought. I won't tell you how much I weight, I'll just say this, my scale at home only goes up to 250. That was the good news. The not so good news was that according to my results my body age is 47. My body age is almost a decade older than my real age.

So its time to put in some work. I have to get my body age to match (or beat) my real age. I know I can do better. I don't drink water, I mean at all. My daily fluids include soda and coffee. That ends effective immediately. I actually changed my diet over a week ago thanks to my friend Marla. She works with me and has helped me modify how much and what I eat. This was a recent change but lets see how long we can sustain it. And finally - it's time to get moving. I have a desk job so I get almost no physical activity in my life. It'll be up to me to take advantage of the equipment and the classes that Lifetime Fitness has.

I'm gonna need prayer and support and encouragement as I go forward. I know I have friends that will be rooting for me. My partner used to be physical trainer so I know I have what I need at home to keep me focused. So here we go . . .

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