Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I just watched this terrific clip about the return of ony of my all-time favorite shows, The Game. Please get into the video here. For those that think racism doesn't exist in Hollywood did you see the clip. The Game, which had ratings that rivaled those of the CW's Gossip Girl was cancelled. There were only two shows which I never missed each week and those were Girlfriends and The Game. Then out of the blue the network decided to cancel them. Initially I thought it was all about the bottom line. I thought it was the green that decided which shows would stay or go. So how is it that one of the highest watched shows on the CW got pulled?

It wasn't the green. It was the black!!! I'm convinced their is a conspiracy to kill off any quality, successful African-American programming. Lets review the trend. The Game - cancelled. Girlfriends - cancelled. Half & Half - cancelled. These were shows which were axed during their peak. And unlike Friends or Seinfeld where it was the decision of the show to call it quits, in these cases it was the decision of the network not to carry them any longer.

Thank God for BET for successfully ressurrecting The Game. The show is back with the same cast, the same writers and the same production team. And if things go well, the same audience will be back to support this wonderful program. I gave up cable some time ago, but this definetly makes me think about picking it up again.

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