Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Keith Hamilton Cobb Comes Out

I'm surprised and excited and a bit puzzled about this announcement. I received an email from a friend (thanks Rod for keeping me in the loop) that Keith Hamilton Cobb has come out of the closet. Cobb is probably best known to most as the uber masculine Tyr Anasazi on the sci-fi series Andromeda. He is known to most readers of this blog as the boyfriend of the leading character in the second and final season of Logo's Noah's Arc. So as I'm doing a little background checking, I find the post from socybery.com (see it here) that makes this bold claim about Mr. Cobb. What's interesting to me is that the post is dated April 11 of this year.

My spider senses started tingling as I read this article. I'm wondering why was this written in April but I'm just learning about this five months later. I've narrowed this down to several possible assumptions. First, it could be that this bit of news (which I consider very interesting and almost juicy) is just untrue. The story could be fabricated. Or, it could be assumed that Cobb's star power has dimmed quite a bit and his relevence in Hollywood is just not there anymore. But even D list celebrities get media attention if their sexuality comes into question. And finally, it could just be that news about any thing black and gay is just not news for most. It is only interesting to others that are black AND gay.

I personally hope this is true. Lord knows we need more positive, affluent, and out members of the African-American community. As more black same gender loving people live authentic lives, and they live those lives openly, we will start to transition away from a culture of homophobia and intolerance and move toward being a community that is inclusive and loving. And I pray for the day when that happens.


BronzeBuckaroo said...

I hope it is true. Had a crush on him for some time. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I must really be out of the loop, had not heard this, I always thought he was so phoine and now he's family, go on now!