Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Police Brutality

How is that people still hold police officers in such high esteem when videos like this continue to come out? People wonder why people of color are not fond of the men in blue, well this video is why . . .

Apparently the officer in question is sorry about what he said ("I'm gonna beat the fucking Mexian piss out of you Homie!") and he's sorry about what he did (kicking the victim in the head). The man on the ground in the video is totally innocent and the officers would eventually send him on his way. There is apparently an investigation into the incident by the Seattle police department.

My question is this - is the officer apologetic because of what he said and did or is he sorry because he got caught. Trust me on this one, if there were no video evidence this officer would be walking around laughing about the night in question.

Officers using excessive, unnecessary violence is nothing new (see here and here ). This is something that folks of color have known for some time. I don't be fooled and think that these are isolated incidents. This happens far more frequently that most would care to believe.

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