Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, April 5, 2010

The NAACP and the Gay Rights Movement

There is an interesting video from the current president of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) that has surfaced. In this video Benjamin Post talks about the role of the NAACP and its involvement in the progress of LGBT equality. He alludes to the fact that the organization cares about LGBT issues however, there will be no action until the gay & lesbian community reaches out to to it. He also minces words by stating that the organization is committed to LGBT equality but later states that (and I'm paraphrasing)because of lack of consensus among membership that their official position would remain unclear.

I think the best thing Mr. Jealous could have done would have been to remain silent on this issue. He is not only dividing his organization he is pissing off many LGBT persons of color like myself. First off - many people have approached the NAACP asking them to be apart of this fight for our civil rights. Julian Bond made no apologies about his unwavering support of our equality and pledged that the NAACP would be marching along side us in this battle. It just sounds to me like Jealous is now renigging on this committment that came from the organization's former leader.

Secondly his argument makes it sound like there are no same gender loving African-Americans that would benefit from the help of the NAACP. He clearly stated that their members of the NAACP that are gay or lesbian. So why does his argument seem to dismiss those individuals that are members of both communities. Unbeknowst to many there are indeed black lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered individuals. Does the sexual identity of an individual eliminate their standing within the African-American community? African-Americans have always been and will always be apart of the LGBT community but for some reason we are often looked at like traitors to the race. I cannot (and will not) deny my blackness. I also cannot (and will not) deny my homosexuality. If you want to take me then you have to take all of me.

Jealous begins this video by saying that gay people have always been apart of the NAACP. Then Mr. Jealous I need for your organization to do the right thing for me, to do the right thing for Bayard Rustin, and to do the right think for your brother is also homosexual. Take an official positon on Don't Ask, Don't Tell because the fact is that there are many minority soldiers that have had their careers ended because of this unfair practice. Stand up and support same-sex marriage because there are many African-American LGBT individuals that want the same rights and privileges to marry their loved ones as their heterosexual friends and family. Make an effort to pass legislation that would protect the jobs of those that do not adhere to the "normal" sexual preference or gender identity because gays, lesbians, and trans individuals are smart and hard-working. We should have the status of our employment based on the work we produce and not what happens in our private lives. The NAACP was founded because of a need for civil rights. Mr. Benjamin, what has changed?
Please get into the video here.

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Anonymous said...

You raise many good questions, and, the NAACP should have answers, but, I don't see anything changing unless the black glbt's who are members speak up, until then, gay rights will remain as it is in most of the black, Latino and Asian communities, white gay rights.