Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Robin Thicke Talks to his Gay Audience

I've been in love with Robin Thicke for many years now. With his fresman CD (when no one really had a clue who he was) he recorded only under the moniker Thicke. It was filled with so much soul that several friends of mine didn't believe it was blue-eyed talent that was delivering the voice and those hooks. You see with his freshman album Robin Thicke pulled a Teena Marie and did not put his picture on the cover.

Now here we are many years later and Robin has made it to the senior class. He recently released his fourth album and I must tell you that it is like WOW!!! Sex Therapy has a reoccuring theme that appears on every track (and that would sex if didn't figure it out from the title). Since I've had he CD my favorite track seems to change almost every week.

This week, Robin Thicke sat down with the Advocate to talk about his wife, the hip-hop community and his gay audience. It is a great read. I swear every single question was gay related. Every single one. But it was fabulous. Robin talks about his influences from friends of his parents that were gay, his wife's role as a lesbian in the Oscar hit Precious, and how he adores his gay fans. Please get into the interview here.

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