Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, December 7, 2009

Fed Up with Donnie McClurkin

Apparently I'm not the only one fed up with Donnie McClurkin. The men of BGM (Black Gay Men's Network) were so tired of Donnie McClurkin's rampant and out of control homophobic tyrades that they had to do something about it. What did they do? They took out a full page ad in the Metro NY. The ad basically delivers the powerful message that being Gay is a beautiful thing and is accepted in the eys of God.

Regarding hypocrisy in the pulpit the ad sends a message to all pastors which states, "it is time to stop abusing your gay, lesbian, bisexual and trangender sons and daughters." Thank you to the BGM for this line because that is exactly what these pastors are doing. This is spiritual abuse and they need to stop it. The damage they are doing to young LGBT individuals may be irreparable. Sadly enough I've witnessed firsthand that many individuals that are making these condemnations are same-gender loving themselves. I've been propositioned by so many married ministers that I've lost count. But every other Sunday they they feel compelled to preach anti-gay sermons.

The men of BGM had message specifically for Donnie that was not as vengeful as I would have been. Donnie loves to pick up the microphone and tell how he has been delivered from his homosexuality and then proceed to condemn anyone that may be living as gay or lesbian. "We love you my brother and in ways the traditional church cannot," says the BGM ad and it continues with, "We want to see you healed and whole. Whenever you are ready come home and we will love you."

I'm happy they are able to offer the words of welcome. I just can't do it. Donnie's messages of hate (and I just need to point out they come from a place of self-hate and lack of self-acceptance) have gone on for too long. I just don't have that love for him. I think he is doing more damage to the LGBT community than Rev. Fred Phelps.

There are so many LGBT men and women in the church seeking the comfort and love of God and Donnie McClurkin is denying them this. And in the process he sending the message to these individuals that their lives are sinful and should be changed. He is ruining lives and he needs to stop. And should he try to "come home" I would slam the door in his face.


L. VAZQUEZ said...
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L. VAZQUEZ said...

Hi there!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I recently wrote a post titled, "Broken Bridge: Black Gays and The Black Church" and I pointed out all of the failed tactics of black gays to gain legitimacy in the black church construct.

This ad is another example of why the black gays have failed with their tactics and it really doesn't advance their cause to address bigotry.

Hypocrisy - It is ridiculous to attack others for name-calling and bashing and then to start using those same tactics that they are criticizing in others.

Scripture Twisting - Using the passage in the Bible about slavery really has nothing to offer in relation to the passages that directly address homosexuality.

Your assertion that "being Gay is...accepted in the eys of God" doesn't have any Biblical support attached to the statement.

If the black gays want to address scriptural interpretation then they need to USE scripture and use it correctly.

Now, I am certainly not saying that there aren't any "closet" gays in the pulpit. There are.

It's ridiculous...and deceitful...for black gays (not all do this) to try and lump everyone into one category who speaks about homosexuality being identified as a sin in the Bible.

Let's not muddy the waters...IT IS identified as a sin in the Bible.

Now, does this mean that name-calling should occur? No.
Does this mean that one sin should be singled out over other sins? No.

But homosexuality IS clearly being mentioned as a sin in the Bible and saying so doesn't reflect a fear of gays or a hatred of gays. This position that is being elevated by black gays that anyone who speaks about what is in the Bible about homosexuality is AFRAID of gay people or is BIGOTED towards gays is just deception and distortion. It really is.

I don't follow Donnie's sermons though. I have only seen two clips of him speaking and I didn't think that either one constituted a hate speech.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the dialogue at my blog if you have the time. I don't have a "gay bashing" forum or a "male bashing" forum. It is a strategy forum.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! I have long since wrote off the black church and the hypocrites that sit in the pews and the gay folks up in the choir. Until the black gay folks who need the church for whatever reason stop putting thier money and talent into these places of hate, they will forever be dismissed and treated bad. And, oddly enough, many gays who are COGIC have a blog that the chat about these issues on, amazing how they can do it online but not in person.