Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, July 14, 2008

Gabrielle Union Talks to the Gays

Okay - so I luv me some Gabrielle Union. It's not a secret. She hasn't played a role yet that disappointed me. Just when I thought my luv for her couldn't get any greater, she goes and plays a lesbian in Running With Scissors - joining the ranks of other phenomenal black actors (Queen Latifah, Victoria Powell, Wesley Snipes, Ving Rhames) that prove that playing gay is not career suicide.

She knows she has a huge gay following. What can I say - we gays luv the divas. This month she sat down with the guys over at out.com to dish out some advice.

Here is her list of ten things she wants us to be ware of . . .
1. Just like y’all don’t wanna be fashion designers, we don’t all wanna be your tortured muses.
2. When we show up at one of your fabulous parties, please refrain from asking “Who brought the fish?”
3. Let’s make a deal: You don’t call during Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t call during Ugly Betty.
4. Don’t ask to borrow my skinny jeans -- and then tell me they’re too big.
5. Techno music? Really?
6. When I ask you how I look, avoid using “Cute,” “You remind me of my mother,” and “Time to get your weave tightened.”
7. Just because you won’t sleep with me doesn’t mean you can get all shy when the dinner bill comes.
8. If you know some twisty-twirly trick to speed things up in bed, don’t keep it in the gay vault. I ain’t got all night.
9. Yeah, Posh Spice really is fierce.
10. If there’s a hot new guy in your life, don’t forget to call us. And not just to borrow our flatirons.

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