Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Black and Gay in Music

Can an African-American recording artist be out and successful? That is the question. There are many phenomenally talented black gay singers and rappers who are out. Some started their rise to the top and then came out of the closet (i.e. Donnie, Tonex, or the artist seen in the video above Rahsaan Patterson). Some artists are out from the start (Tori Fixx or Meshell N'Degeochello) and attempt to launch their career without regard to the stigmas attached to being gay and being a person of color.

It appears to me that their are many that are buying into this notion that you can not be black & gay AND be creative, talented, successful and relevent. Teven Campbell had one of the most beautiful voices in the world but when the news about his sexuality made national news we never heard from him again.

Thank God that we are now witnessing an era of artists that are playing by their own rules. Meshell N’Degeochello continues to make wonderful music and continues to sale records. Tonex (now going by the name B. Slade) came out of the closet running and he hasn't slowed down since. He refuses to hide silently in the shadows like many of his former gospel colleages would like. Tori Fixx is setting the world on fire as an out black hip hop artist with alot to say and he is finding wonderful ways to say it. Billy Porter has the greatest voice ever. Nhojj is simply beautiful and he has a voice like an angel.

We as black gay individuals need to be supporting these individuals. Call your urban radio show and request for these artists to be played. Go to your local music store [if you still have one] and purchase one of their CDs. Or go to I-tunes or Amazon and legally purchase some of their songs. All of the individuals listed above are phenomenally gifted and are extremely smooth on the ears. Take some time to get to know them and their music.

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