Jason Howard Green

Jason Howard Green

Monday, January 28, 2008

Gay versus Black at the DNC

With so much drama at the DNC . . .

A gay outreach worker with the Democratic National Committee has been fired from his job with the national partisan group. He claims he was fired because he is gay. Donald Hitchcock alleges that he was relieved of his position because he advocated for gay issues.

The article in the Souther Voice penned by Kevin Naff and Joshua Lynsen reads like a virtual he said/ she said as accusations are made against Leah Daughtry, an African-American DNC staffer.
A series of emails have surfaced that reflect Hitchcock and his successor Brian Bond making accusations against Daughtry, claiming she is homophobic and that she is plotting against the LGBT community. The emails talk specifically about an election in Alabama where an openly gay Patricia Todd was elected to the legislature against an African-American candidate. The narrow victory was contested but the win did bid some colleagues within the DNC against each other. Hitchcock's language in the emails was called into question.
My mama always said, "If you don't want it come back and haunt you, then don't write it down." I guess people don't realize this applies to emails also.

From reading the article, I tend to think Hitchcock's actions were inappropriate. But I'm a realist and I know there are three sides to every story. So I really shouldn't draw any conclusions from just this one article. But I do want to hear how this turns out.
To read the full article, please visit . . . http://www.sovo.com/thelatest/thelatest.cfm?blog_id=16193

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